Practice Improvement Modules (PIM)


Practice improvement modules (PIMs) provide various pathways to apply quality measurement to your practice and use the resulting data to improve care.

Although “suspended” (not needed to fulfill MOC requirements for recertification for the next 2 years), MOC points will continue to be awarded for completed practice improvement modules. ASN offers two ABIM-approved PIMs to help nephrologists meet thier MOC requirements. They are:

  1. Dialysis Practice Improvement Module (DPIM)
  2. Kidney Transplantation Practice Improvement Module (KTPIM)


In order to receive MOC points for participation in the activity, the physician must:

  • Be enrolled in ABIM's MOC program.
  • Provide direct or consultative care to patients as part of the Activity. This includes physicians who actively supervise a trainee (resident or fellow) during the project.
  • Implement interventions to improve care as guided by the Activity.
  • Collect, submit, and review relevant clinical data that reflects care the physician provided, in keeping with the project's measurement plan. (Data obtained from an electronic health record, or provided by another source, must be reviewed personally by the participating physician.)
  • Demonstrate active collaboration in the design and/or implementation of the project, such as attending team meetings, providing data analysis, assisting with implementation training, etc.
  • Meet the minimum duration of participation criteria established by ASN.

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