Nephrologists Transforming Dialysis Safety

Nephrologists Transforming Dialysis Safety (NTDS)

Download the "Days Since Infection" Poster here.

Download the slides from the June 19 "Environmental Decontamination" webinar here.

NTDS Project Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life for people with kidney failure by engaging nephrologists as team leaders in transformational change that continuously improves the safety of life sustaining dialysis.

Spotlight: Disaster Preparedness

Disasters can strike at any time. This time of year, hurricanes can wreak havoc. Wildfires have been in the news frequently as well. It is critical that individuals on dialysis prepare for the possibility of disruption in care.

Resources for dialysis facilities and patients include:
  • Preparing for Emergencies: A Guide for People on Dialysis. CLICK here
  • CDC resources: Dialysis Care After a Disaster: click here
  • CJASN article: Disaster Preparedness for Dialysis Patients : click here
  • Promising Practice: Environmental Decontamination

    In June, NTDS continued its Targeting Zero Infections webinar series with its fourth webinar. This webinar was entitled: "Targeting Zero Infections: Environmental Decontamination", and was held on Tuesday, June 19 at 12:00 PM ET.

    Key webinar points included:
    • the critical role that nephrologists and dialysis professionals have in preventing infections
    • CDC's recommendations for dialysis station disinfection
    • environmental disinfection best practices
    • patient perspective on environmental cleanliness
    • the nephrologist's leadership role in facility sanitization
    • Download the webinar slides here.

      Participants: CEs are available for physicians and nurses. To claim your credits,click here.

      For resources on environmental decontamination,click here.

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Surface Disinfection - policy example
Surface Disinfection - policy example
As referenced in the fourth NTDS Targeting Zero Infections webinar, "Environmental Decontamination"Posted July 3, 2018

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