Fundamentals of Renal Pathology

Fundamentals of Renal Pathology - VII. Pathology of the Renal Transplant

November 06, 2019 | 01:45 PM - 05:00 PM

Location: 140, Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Session Description

Early Program "Fundamentals of Renal Pathology"


  • Renal Transplant Rejection
    01:45 PM - 02:30 PM
    Robert B. Colvin, MD
  • Infections, Drug Toxicity, and Recurrent and De Novo Glomerular Diseases in Renal Transplants
    02:30 PM - 03:10 PM
    Volker Nickeleit, MD
  • Break
    03:10 PM - 03:30 PM
  • Laboratory Session #4
    03:30 PM - 04:20 PM
    Lynn D. Cornell, MD
    Mark Haas, MD, PhD
    Anthony Chang, MD, FASN
    J. Charles Jennette, MD
    Jeffrey B. Hodgin, MD, PhD
    Agnes B. Fogo, MD
    Charles E. Alpers, MD
    Venkat Ramanathan, MD, FASN
    Ingeborg M. Bajema, MD, PhD
    Erika R. Bracamonte, MD
    Ian Roberts, MBChB
    Volker Nickeleit, MD
    Kammi J. Henriksen, MD
    Carla L. Ellis, MD, MS
  • Review and Discussion Session: Lab Cases and Discussion of Mystery Cases #6 and #7
    04:20 PM - 04:45 PM
    Robert B. Colvin, MD
    Volker Nickeleit, MD
  • Final Questions and Answers
    04:45 PM - 05:00 PM
    Lynn D. Cornell, MD
    Anthony Chang, MD, FASN
    Mark Haas, MD, PhD