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Jefferson Renal Update Symposium: Cross-Talk Between the Kidneys and Remote Organ Systems

September 27 - September 27, 2019

Location: Philadelphia, PA


This symposium is designed to address the pathophysiology that underlies the complex and bidirectional interaction between the kidneys and other organs. Through didactic lectures, case presentations, and panel discussions, this program will provide updated information on management approaches to care for patients with kidney injury in the setting of other organ failure.

Featured Topics: Lupus Nephritis, Hepato-Renal Syndrome, Infectious Diseases and Renal Disease, Hyperparathyroidism and Renal Disease, Cardio-Renal Syndrome, Hypertension in Pregnancy, Onco-Nephrology, Kidney Dysfunction in Non-Renal Solid Organ Transplants, Combined Organ Transplant