Education & Meetings

Nephrotic Syndrome Symposium

June 10 - June 10, 2016

Location: Chicago, IL


Nephrotic syndrome (NS) occurs when glomeruli of the kidney are damaged and protein normally kept in plasma leaks into urine in large amounts (proteinuria). This loss of blood proteins leads to other symptoms including hypertension, low blood protein, and high levels of cholesterol. Given that standards of care vary by disease state and are in evolution, there are knowledge and performance gaps that will be addressed during this conference that will detail the causes and complexity of NS signs and symptoms, the wide variations of patient reactions to treatment, prevention strategies, and the optimal management of side effects in patients undergoing treatment. Expert faculty will present the most current research, issues, and practice recommendations to support clinicians in the care of patients with NS. A unique feature of the conference is the inclusion of the patient perspective as a real world approach to increasing awareness among healthcare professionals, patients, and their families.