Training Program Directors

Training Program Directors: Mentors

The following individuals are experienced TPDs who responded to a general solicitation to all nephrology TPDs to volunteer as mentors to any TPDs who desire help with their training program. These individuals should be contacted through their email. The interaction between the TPDs thereafter is up to the individuals involved; there is no set format. If you are interested in being a mentor, please email: In general, a mentor should be an active nephrology TPD and have been the TPD during an RRC site visit in which their program received not less than 5 years of accreditation. Advice from mentors has not been vetted by the ASN or other nephrology TPDs.

Current Mentors

Mentor Location Email
Jeff Berns University of Pennsylvania
Mark Faber Henry Ford Hospital
Scott Gilbert Tufts Medical Center
Donald Kohan University of Utah
Oliver Lenz University of Miami
Suzanne Norby Mayo Clinic
Jai Radhakrishnan Columbia University
Mitchell Rosner University of Virginia