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Sharon Anderson, MD, FASN

Sharon Anderson, MD, FASN

Sharon Anderson, MD, FASN, is Professor of Medicine, Professor of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, and Vice Chair for VA Affairs at Oregon Health & Science University, and Chief of the Medical Service at the Portland VA Medical Center. She graduated from the University of Maryland, completed her residency at Louisiana State University Medical Center, and her nephrology fellowship at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Her work in the field of diabetic nephropathy has changed practice. She pioneered work on the effects of ACE inhibitors in the kidney, and her work formed the springboard for large clinical trials showing the benefit of these medications in slowing the progression of this disease. Predicted numbers of patients starting dialysis have declined, partly on the basis of this work.

Throughout her career, Dr. Anderson has advocated for improved patient care, and has changed professional environments to enhance delivery of medical care. As Chief of the Medical Service at the Portland VA she turned around veterans' access to appointments from a crawl to a 2-week time frame, achieving benchmarks previously thought to be unobtainable within a VA setting.

Dr. Anderson has devoted considerable and successful effort to expand opportunities for young professionals throughout the field of kidney medicine. She has advised scores of young scientists and physicians, and advocated on their behalf.

When Dr. Anderson became President of the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) in 2009, no woman had led the society in its 43 year history. During her tenure as a council member and as president, Dr. Anderson never played the simple caretaker role. She recognized the need for the council to develop a more strategic approach to leadership and worked with other leaders to implement a new strategic plan. Dr. Anderson focused consistently on diversifying the leadership of the society at every opportunity and across all venues, setting a new standard for a more inclusive and representative society.

At all levels of professional endeavor Dr. Anderson has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, boldness, and thoughtfulness. As ASN President she encouraged rigorous, and rigorously fair, evaluation of all questions brought before council.

Her commitment to improving the lives of patients and professionals, advancing research, and mentoring the next generation exemplifies the qualities ASN hopes to promote in the next generation of leaders.