Technical Support

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility refers to the practice of making a website usable to everyone, inlcuding those with disabilities. The American Society of Nephrology has taken care to ensure that its website is as accessible as possible and can accomodate those with special needs.

Access Keys

Access keys are a means of navigating a website without using the mouse. The table below illustrates the keyboard combinations that will allow you to jump to a certain part or a webpage, or a certain portion of the website.

Webpage Section Access Key
Main Menu Shift + Alt + M
Side Menu Shift + Alt + S
Main Content Shift + Alt + C
Member Login Shift + Alt + L
Footer Shift + Alt + F

Website Section Access Key
Home Alt + 0
Education and Meetings Alt + 1
Publications and Communications Alt + 2
Advocacy and Public Policy Alt + 3
Grants and Funding Alt + 4
Member Services Alt + 5

Adjustable Text Size

To accomodate visitors with sight impairments, all pages on the ASN website are equipped with adjustable text size controls. Click the button below for an example.

Adjust Text Size

These controls are located in the footer links at the bottom of every page. To increase the text size, click the '+' in the overlay message. To decrease the text size, click the '-' in the overlay message. Please note that there is a minimum text size of 8px and a maximum text size of 18px. Cookies must be enabled in your browser to save the text size settings from page to page.

Images and Links

All images in this site have been provided with "alt" tags to enable interpretation by text-only browsers.

The links included in this website have rollover states to include underlines and background changes to allow people who are color-blind to be able to differentiate from the normal page text.

Language Translation

ASN uses the Microsoft Language API in order to provide language translation services for certain pages in the site. The tool is located in the footer of each page. This service has certain restrictions; for more information please see the Language Translation Disclaimer.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) Functionality

ASN provides text-to-speech (TTS) functionality to allow a user to hear the text being spoken. This service utlizes the Microsoft Language API and can be activated by selecting characters in the main content area of a webpage > click the TTS notification in the lower right corner > click the play button that appears underneath your highlighted text > your text will be read as streaming audio by the API. The audio player requires either an HTML5-capable browser or Flash to be installed in your browser.

Browser Compatibility

This site was designed using XHTML Strict 1.0 standards and is compatible with all browsers that support web standards.