Kidney Health Initiative (KHI)

KHI Membership

KHI is a collaborative environment for all stakeholders in the kidney community to help foster development of optimum therapies for diseases that affect the kidney. KHI members may include:

  • Patient organizations
  • Health professional organizations
  • Research institutions
  • Foundations
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • Device manufacturers
  • Dialysis providers
  • US and international government agencies

Any organization or company that joined KHI between September 27, 2012, and December 31, 2013, has been designated as a visionary "Pioneer Member" for the duration of the organization's participation in KHI.

Organization Size Annual Dues
Large Organizations:
Market capitalization > $3 Billion
Or yearly Gross Sales > $1 Billion
Medium Organizations:
Market capitalization of $250 Million to $3 Billion
Or yearly Gross Sales of $50 Million to $1 Billion
Small Organizations:
Market capitalization < $250 Million
Or yearly revenue < $50 Million
Not-For-Profit Dialysis Companies $1,500
Start-Up Companies $1,000
Not-For-Profit Organizations $750
US or International Government Agency Free

KHI Member benefits

All members will be involved in the selection and execution of projects, including co-authoring white papers, collaborating to leverage previously conducted and ongoing clinical studies, research infrastructure, and databases, as well as promoting dialogue on kidney health pertaining to drug, device, biologics, and food product development, evaluation, and safety. KHI members have access to the KHI web-based portal that collects member ideas for projects and provides a space for open dialogue. KHI members can submit project proposals and view all the proposals in order to provide comments that are constructive and enhance the submission. KHI members are also invited to attend the Annual KHI Stakeholders meeting, which brings together our diverse membership from the kidney community to connect members across different fields, share ideas, collect feedback, and collaborate on new projects.

KHI is dedicated to creating a transparent infrastructure and processes that facilitate collaboration and communication among the greater nephrology community and FDA. This includes establishing an open and efficient mechanism for encouraging and evaluating potential projects members submit to KHI, and to ensuring objective evaluation of those suggestions.

Membership Application

Click the link below to download the application as a PDF: