Kidney Health Initiative (KHI)

KHI Current Projects

KHI seeks to advance its mission through innovative, collaborative projects that seek input from and bring together members across all areas of the kidney community.

Click on a project title to learn more about KHI's current projects, including the outline of the project concept and members of the workgroup. KHI project concepts are submitted by KHI members and evaluated by the KHI Board of Directors.

KHI Pilot Projects

Three pilot projects were identified for KHI to move forward and explore its initial project capability and foster relationships with different divisions in the FDA until the framework for accepting project proposals from KHI membership was developed. The pilot projects were chosen from overarching themes identified from over 40 suggestions drafted by the ASN Advisory Groups.

The pilot project on pharmacokinetics emphasizes the importance of identification of drug categories and study design, while the pilot project on lupus nephritis will investigate a clinical trial endpoint using existing clinical trial data. The pilot project on promoting kidney health and innovation focuses on exploring and identifying the barriers and potential solutions to innovative therapies in the kidney space. All three projects are meant to serve as models for future project proposals.

Current Projects

Below are the current KHI projects. Please click the title for more details.