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ASN Society News - February 2012

Call for Applications | Editor-in-Chief

Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The American Society of Nephrology (ASN) seeks candidates for the position of editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN). JASN is a monthly, peer reviewed journal dedicated to advancing the practice of kidney treatment worldwide by reporting novel and rigorous clinical and basic research, and is the highest ranked journal in the field of nephrology and urology. Candidates should be ASN members who possess wide knowledge of and broad experience in nephrology as well as distinguished records of scholarly contributions. Candidates should also possess strong leadership qualities, intellectual vision, organizational abilities and experience relevant to editing the leading medical journal in the field. The term will start July 1, 2013 and continue for a six-year non-renewable term.

The editor’s primary responsibility is to continue to enhance the journal’s quality, reputation and scholarship, and continue JASN’s contribution to ASN’s mission of leading the fight against kidney disease. The editor should be prepared to build on current achievements, strengthen the journal’s competitive position and develop editorial initiatives that generate content representative of the full spectrum of high-quality work conducted worldwide in nephrology. The editor should also work with ASN staff to assure that the journal’s activities are carried out in a fiscally responsible manner.

The editor oversees the JASN submission and review process and is responsible for the content, quality and timeliness of each issue of JASN. The editor must maintain JASN editorial policies and procedures and establish new policies and procedures as appropriate to reflect relevant changes in science, clinical practice and medical publishing.

The editor recommends a team of associate editors to help administer the peer review process, promote excellence in content and advance editorial initiatives.

The JASN editor reports to ASN through the ASN Communications Committee.

Detailed information on duties and the process for applying for the editor-in-chief position is available below.

Letters of interest must be received by 03/15/12. Candidates selected for in-person interviews will be interviewed in June of 2012.

Specific duties include:

  1. Defining and updating the aims and scope of the journal.
  2. Overseeing peer review, insuring that confidential, appropriate and well-defined procedures for timely review are unbiased and faithfully executed.
  3. Appointing associate editors (to be approved by the ASN Communications Committee and Council). The editorial team (editor and associate editors) should be comprised of ASN members with high stature and respect in the community, and with the technical expertise sufficient to oversee the content of submitted articles.
  4. Setting goals to assure the content in the journal meets the highest standards of excellence and regularly evaluating the journal’s performance in this regard.
  5. Maintaining, and updating as necessary, the overall editorial policies of the journal.
  6. Responding to correspondence with authors, editors, reviewers and readers regarding peer review and/or manuscript decisions.
  7. Recruiting, selecting and appointing JASN board members and addressing any performance issues.
  8. Adhering to the page budget and financial structures set by the ASN via its annual budget process. ASN is responsible for managing production, layout, printing, subscriptions, pricing and funding initiatives for society publications.
  9. Serving as a non-voting ex officio member of the ASN Communications Committee.
  10. Reporting to the ASN Communications Committee. The committee requires a formal report once a year in advance of its April meeting, and informal updates via regularly scheduled committee conference calls.
  11. Ensuring that JASN adheres to journal policy of ethical and responsible conduct of research.

Application process:

Interested individuals should submit an application package that includes:

  • a curriculum vitae;
  • the names of three references;
  • a succinct letter of interest and qualifications, including addressing how the candidate will accommodate the time demands of editing the journal;
  • a vision statement for the next six years of publication of JASN. Items of specific interest to the search committee include:
    • an analysis of the current content of JASN;
    • ideas for how the candidate thinks JASN should address the broad spectrum of disciplines and interests represented by its global readership;
    • the primary aims for the direction of the journal;
    • innovations in presentation of content;
    • ideas for increasing top-tier submissions;
    • the general make-up and responsibilities of the editorial team (editor-in-chief and associate editors; and
    • a disclosure form (available at

All information should be submitted by e-mail to Ms. Adrienne Lea, ASN Director of Communications,

  • The search committee will review all applications and select several individuals for in-person interviews. Every effort will be made to keep the names of the first-round applicants confidential. Those not selected will be notified, and those selected will be invited to interview in person in June of 2012. The names of those selected for final interviews will be shared with members of the ASN Council.
  • After the final interviews the search committee will convene to determine their final recommendation, and provide that recommendation to the ASN council for review.
  • The candidates will be notified of the final decision in late 2012.
  • The candidate selected will submit to the ASN Communications Committee a list of proposed Associate Editors. That team will determine its processes and strategy in advance of beginning review of new manuscripts, and work with the current editorial team led by Eric G. Neilson, MD to implement a smooth transition of peer review responsibilities.

For questions related to this process, please contact Ms. Adrienne Lea, ASN Director of Communications ( or 202-503-6560).