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ASN Society News - December 2014

ASN Public Policy Internship Program

Program Description: The ASN Public Policy Board is accepting applications for the second annual ASN Public Policy Internship Program for one fellow ASN member through January 16, 2015.

The policy intern will serve on the ASN Public Policy Board one year, including participating in all conference calls, in-person meetings, and advocacy days in Washington, DC. The PPIP Fellow intern will join PPIP Junior Faculty Intern Kevin Erickson, MD.

The PPIP Fellow intern will be assigned a mentor who has several years of experience serving on the policy board to help answer questions, advise the intern on their policy-related articles or projects, and advance the intern’s understanding of the effect of federal policy on ASN members and the patients they serve. In addition to serving on the policy board and participating in all related activities, interns will be expected to engage in the following activities, including:

  • Drafting issue briefs on current public policy topics affecting nephrology
  • Building relationships with their congressional delegations, in district and Washington, DC offices
  • Writing public policy-related articles
  • Developing expertise on policy issues of personal interest
  • Researching and making recommendations to the Public Policy board regarding emerging policy issues
  • Helping craft ASN Public Policy Board recommendations to the ASN Council

Attendance Requirements: The interns participate in monthly conference calls the fourth Monday of every month. In addition, the intern will:

  • Attend a three-day meeting of the Public Policy Board (February 17 - 20) in Washington, DC
  • Participate in the two-day day ASN Kidney Health Advocacy Day meeting for advocacy (April 22-23) in Washington, DC
  • Be available for occasional other interactions by email or phone as policy issues arise.
  • Join a lunch meeting of the Public Policy Board at ASN Kidney Week

Eligibility and Duration of Internship (Fellow):

  • Must be an ASN member currently enrolled in a nephrology fellowship program, a post-doctoral program with a primary focus on nephrology-related research, or a PharmD program with a focus on nephrology.
  • Internship will last one year.

How to apply: Complete the application form, submit a 250 – 500 word statement of interest, and obtain a letter of support from your Division Director. Email these documents to no later than Monday, January 16, 2015.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact ASN Manager of Policy and Government Affairs Rachel Meyer at 202-640-4659 or at