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ASN Society News - March 2015

ASN Executive Director Tod Ibrahim speaks with Dr. Ray Harris and Dr. Matthew Sparks of the ASN Nephrology Match Task Force

For the past five years a decreasing number of medical residents have chosen to train in nephrology. In January of 2015 the American Society of Nephrology launched the ASN Nephrology Match Task Force and asked the task force members to assess the future viability of the Match, identify ways to ensure the integrity of the Match, and attempt to clarify the ideal number of offered fellowship positions.

Task force discussions centered on the interests of applicants, identifying the best quality candidates, ensuring the best fit between programs and candidates, and the variety of challenges faced by the diverse institutions that train nephrologists. The task force surveyed training program directors and nephrology fellows and evaluated the question of "all-in" policies, as well as several approaches to "all-in" participation.

This comprehensive and wide-ranging series of discussions resulted in recommendations that ASN Council has since approved:

  • ASN should continue its relationship with the National Resident Matching Program’s (NRMP’s) Specialties Match Service (SMS).
  • ASN should advocate to the NRMP Board of Directors that all ACGME-accredited nephrology training programs will participate in the NRMP Match and offer all positions through the Match.

In addition, ASN has released a resolution relative to the nephrology match, and secured the support of the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) to monitor compliance with the all-in policy and apply sanctions to those programs that do not adhere to the policy. I encourage you to listen to the recently released podcast, which outlines the task force process in more detail. I appreciate the enthusiasm, dedication and seriousness with which members of the task force members and the ASN Council have tackled these extremely complex issues.

Raymond C. Harris, MD, FASN
Chair, ASN Nephrology Match Task Force
President Elect, American Society of Nephrology