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ASN Society News - September 2015

ASN Small Grants Program for Scholarly Work in Geriatric Nephrology

Description of the Opportunity

ASN welcomes applications from fellows, post-doctoral students and faculty members for small grant support for scholarly work in geriatric nephrology. The program is intended to support a broad range of activities related to aging and kidney disease and/or the care of older adults with kidney disease including research, educational, and clinical experiences. The goal of this program is to advance the field of geriatric nephrology and foster scholarly interest in geriatric nephrology among clinicians, educators, and researchers. Acceptable uses of funding support include:

  1. Research in geriatric nephrology (e.g., staff support, patient recruitment, data purchase, publication costs).
  2. Educational experiences relevant to geriatric nephrology (e.g., attending conferences, workshops).
  3. Clinical training relevant to geriatric nephrology (e.g., observerships, rotations, mini-sabbaticals).
  4. Teaching in geriatric nephrology (e.g., developing seminars, workshops, courses, lectureships).

Successful applicants will receive between $2500 and $5000 to support their proposed activity. ASN anticipates providing up to at least 8 awards.


Eligible applicants include clinical and research fellows in Nephrology, other post-doctoral trainees, and faculty members at US or Canadian academic institutions.

Application Process

Applications for the ASN Small Grants Program for Scholarly Work in Geriatric Nephrology are due on Thursday, October 1, 2015. Funded activities must be completed by November 1, 2016. Applicants should submit their Curriculum Vitae; a 1–2 page proposal describing the proposed scholarly activity; a detailed budget; and a letter of support from the applicant's Program Director, Division Chief, or Mentor. Applicants should clearly articulate how the proposed activity relates to geriatric nephrology and aligns with their own career goals. Interested applicants should submit proposals via email to ASN Policy Associate Mark Lukaszewski at with the subject line "Geriatric Nephrology RFA Applicant".

Applicants may propose other types of scholarly work in geriatric nephrology not listed above but are encouraged to contact Mr. Lukaszewski at to discuss ideas before submitting a proposal. Applicants with a strong interest in this topic who are unable to identify mentors and/or suitable research, clinical, or educational opportunities are also encouraged to contact Mr. Lukaszewski for assistance in identifying potentially relevant resources.