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ASN Society News - November 2015

Meet the Winners: 2015 ASN Innovations in Kidney Education Contest

The American Society of Nephrology proudly announces the winners of the first Innovations in Kidney Education Contest. Medical students, graduate students, post-doctoral trainees, nephrologists and PhD faculty provided exciting and creative submissions. The winners represents the best of these innovative approaches to teaching about kidney health and disease.

Judges selected three winners of the contest based on effectiveness, appeal and interest, and engagement of their teaching tool.

Winners will be recognized during the November 8 (Sunday morning) plenary session at Kidney Week in San Diego.

Please join ASN in congratulating the winners and click the links below to view/download the teaching tools:

John Danziger, MD
Nephrologist, Harvard Medical School
Animations with accompanying text demonstrating physiologic principles
View Water Homeostais website

Dorey A. Glenn, MD
Fellow, University of North Carolina Kidney Center
Web-based board game focused on physiology of the nephron
Visit the Nephropoly (Urine Trouble) board game website

Kamalanathan K. Sambandam, MD
Nephrologist, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
CRRT simulator using PowerPoint macros
Download CRRT Simulator PowerPoint (PPSM)
Note: requires macros to be enabled. If you are having trouble adjusting data, plese make sure that Protected View is turned off for the document.

Information on the 2016 Innovations in Kidney Education contest will be available on the ASN website soon-check