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ASN Society News - April 2016

Meet the Finalists: 2016 ASN Innovations in Kidney Education Contest Finalists

The American Society of Nephrology proudly announces the finalists of the second Innovations in Kidney Education Contest. Medical students, graduate students, post-doctoral trainees, nephrologists, and PhD faculty provided exciting and creative submissions. The finalists represent the best of these innovative approaches to teaching about kidney health and disease. Judges selected six finalists to proceed to Part 2 of the contest based on relevance, creativity, portability, and feasibility of their ideas. Up to three of the finalists will be selected as winners.

Winners will be announced in September 2016 and will be awarded a prize of $5,000, including travel support and complimentary registration to the ASN Kidney Week 2016 Annual Meeting, November 17–20, 2016, in Chicago, IL.

Please join ASN in congratulating the finalists:

Tamim Hamdi, MD
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Water metabolism interactive macro-enabled powerpoint

Lowell J. Lo, MD
University of California, San Francisco
Fluid and electrolyte web-based videos

Aleksandra E. Olszewski, MD
Harvard Medical School
Hemodialysis simulator electronic game

Dena E. Riftin, MD
University of California, San Diego
Hypertension web-based interactive game

Huzaifah Salat, MD
Vanderbilt University
General nephrology board game

Timothy Yau, MD
Washington University School of Medicine
Pathology web-based videos