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ASN Society News - December 2016

Online Communities Pass Success Benchmarks

ASN Communities offers interest based communities for members who are looking for focused discussion on important topics. Each of these communities is member initiated with specific goals and dedicated leadership. The society's objective is that interest based communities be the destination for members to collaborate, discuss and network together. To achieve that goal, each community is measured against specific benchmarks during its first three months. The following communities have passed all benchmarks and have been extended for another year.

To see the complete listing of interest based communities or apply for a new community, visit ASN Communities.

Basic Science Research

The home for PhD and MD/PhD basic researchers and scientists to obtain career development advice and obtain guidance on experimental questions. Visit the community.

Jeff Miner, PhD

Vivek Bhalla, MD, FASN

Pamela Tran, PhD

Stuart Dryer, PhD, FASN


Improving cancer care through discussions, easy access to important scientific contributions, announcements for clinical meetings, scholarly activities and research collaboration aimed at improving the care of cancer patients and the knowledge of cancer teams. Visit the community.

Kenar Jhaveri, MD

Susie Hu, MD

Ilya Glerzerman, MD

Mona Doshi, MD

Supportive Care

The Supportive Care Community is a dedicated home for advancing supportive care practice, research and education, and providing a network for those interested in or trained in supportive care. Visit the community.

Michael Germain, MD

Jennifer Scherer, MD

Jane Schell, MD


Patient Care Q&A

The new home for all your patient treatment, difficult case or clinical practice questions. Visit the community.

Hayder Aledan, MD

Roger Rodby

Richard Glassock, MD

Beatrice Concepcion, MD