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ASN Society News - January 2017

ASN Education Co-Directors for Board Review Course & Update

The ASN Board Review Course & Update (BRCU) has two Education Co-Directors who plan and implement the live and enduring BRCU. Reporting to the ASN Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Committee, the Co-Directors serve three-year terms, renewable for one additional term. On an annual basis, the CPD Committee will evaluate the performance of each Co-Director.

In developing the annual BRCU, the Co-Directors will address the ASN Strategic Plan and educational goals as approved by the ASN Council.

  • Recommend program and instructional design changes to the BRCU structure to enhance individual learning and address the learning styles and demands of the participant.
  • Oversee BRCU faculty selection, recruitment, and syllabus preparation. Careful attention should be paid to providing the best faculty while revitalizing faculty selections on an ongoing basis. Working with ASN staff, the Co-Directors are responsible to assure that all materials are ready on time and with outstanding quality.
  • Work with the BRCU moderators to be responsible for the flow of daily sessions and are responsive to the audience's needs and concerns. Attention should be paid to providing innovative approaches to ensure audience active participation.
  • Review BRCU slides and other materials to ensure the absence of conflict of interest. In the event of a personal conflict of interest, those specific sessions/presentations will be reviewed by the other Co-Director.
  • Work to extend hospitality and recognition to the BRCU faculty.
  • Oversee BRCU enduring materials, including the development of high-quality electronic products with simultaneous audio and visual coordination obtained as a download through the ASN Learning Center. Special attention must be paid to including and editing audience questions and faculty responses to assure that all sessions enhance the overall product value.
  • Work with ASN staff and the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) to develop Maintenance of Certification (MOC) questions and answers derived from the faculty but refined into high-quality BRCU materials acceptable for MOC points. Develop a system for these questions to be answerable online with correct answer/immediate feedback returned to the test taker (if applicable).
  • Work with ASN staff to develop hard copy and electronic formats of the BRCU syllabus.
Conflict of Interest

BRCU Co-Directors must declare all financial and other relationships in accordance with ASN Policy on Conflicts of Interest (COI) prior to being hired and on an annual basis. The ASN Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Committee will review the Co-Directors' disclosures in accordance with all ASN COI policies and procedures for identification and resolution of any real or perceived COI.

BRCU Co-Directors and moderators may participate in other board review courses or their equivalent without COI if those activities occur 30 days prior to or after the ASN BRCU live activity.