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American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

Early in 2014, the ABIM will implement changes to its MOC program. ABIM along with other external health organizations and the general public, believe that a more continuous MOC program helps you keep pace with the changes in the science of medicine and assessment.

ABIM has created a website to provide you with more detailed information on the changing requirements --

Most nephrologists who received their initial ABIM certification in Nephrology since 1990 have participated in MOC every 10 years to maintain their certification. In early 2014, ABIM will begin reporting for all board certified physicians whether or not you are "Meeting MOC Requirements" (i.e., engaging in MOC activities on a more frequent basis).

In order to be reported as "Meeting MOC Requirements," you will be required to complete an MOC activity by December 31, 2015 and every two years thereafter, and earn 100 ABIM MOC points (20 points in medical knowledge, 20 points in practice assessment, a patient survey and a patient safety module) every five years by December 31, 2018 and every five years thereafter. The points earned every two years will count toward your five-year requirement of 100 points.

The secure examination requirement is a 10-year requirement. Starting in 2014, you can earn 20 MOC points for each first attempt at an MOC exam in each certification area (whether you pass or fail). You must pass an exam in each certification that you want to maintain every 10 years.

Examples of How You Can Earn Your Points in Nephrology

Medical Knowledge

ABIM Nephrology Annual Update – 10 MOC points each

ABIM Clinical Skills module – 10 MOC points each

ASN NephSAP issue – 10 MOC points each

ASN Highlights - 8 MOC points

Practice Assessment

ABIM Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Practice Improvement Module (PIM) – 20 MOC points

ASN Dialysis Practice Improvement Module – 20 MOC points

ASN Kidney Transplantation Improvement Module – 20 MOC points

Note: Additional Nephrology-specific MOC activities are currently in development. Look for news about these products when they become available.

ABIM has created a website to provide you with more detailed information on the changing requirements –

Secure Examination
Completion of MOC requires you to pass the secure Nephrology examination once every 10 years. The computer-based exam is offered twice-yearly at proctored, regional testing sites and must be taken before the end of the MOC period.

Nephrology key exam dates

ABIM nephrology examination blueprint

Patient Safety Requirement
A patient safety module is required every five years. There is currently one product which you can use to meet the patient safety requirement: the ABP-lead Joint Primary Care Board product (common patient safety errors, epidemiology of safety and harm, systems approach to improving patient safety, communications, and safety culture). Completion of this product will also provide medical knowledge MOC points and count toward "Meeting MOC Requirements."

Over the course of the next few years, ABIM anticipates adding many more patient safety options.

Patient Survey Requirement
A patient survey is required every five years. Patient surveys that are part of an ABIM PIM Practice Improvement Module™ will count toward this requirement.

ABIM will offer product options to do a survey without doing a full PIM and ABIM is working on a process to review and approve patient surveys that you might already use in your practice. Watch for more news on patient surveys in the future.

Go to the ABIM website to learn more about:

  • Fees;
  • Enrolling in MOC;
  • Unlimited/lifetime certificate holders;
  • Multiple certifications;
  • Fellowship and MOC; and
  • More.

How can I earn MOC points through ASN's activities?
You must be enrolled in ABIM's MOC program in order for your NephSAP scores to be credited as MOC points and you must complete a NephSAP exam(s) with a passing score of 76% or higher to earn MOC points.

Prior to taking the NephSAP exam, the system will prompt you for your MOC information to transfer your scores to ABIM. For each NephSAP exam you pass, you will earn 10 MOC points in addition to 8 CME credits.

You may complete the ASN Dialysis Practice Improvement Module and be awarded with 20 MOC points and 20 CME credits.

Can I receive MOC points for MOC-related sessions offered at ASN's Kidney Week (ex: early program entitled "Maintenance of Certification")?
Yes. ASN utilizes ABIM's Learning Sessions during the MOC "early program" as well as NephSAP issues during this program. (Note: In order to claim MOC credit for ABIM modules completed at learning sessions, you must be enrolled in MOC, order the module and submit it online via ABIM's website)

I recently passed a NephSAP module but do not see MOC points on my ABIM Status Report. Why is this?
Successful completion of the NephSAP for ABIM MOC points will appear on your ABIM MOC Status Report as a result of information that is transferred from ASN to ABIM. When you complete a NephSAP exam and submit it to ASN, be sure to:

  • Include your ABIM information before the exam.
  • Type in your correct 6 digit ABIM ID number. (This is different from your ASN ID.)
  • Be sure your date of birth is correct.
  • The name you enter must match the name on file with ABIM in order for ABIM's system to attach your scores for MOC credit.

To ensure receipt of MOC points for NephSAP, please confirm that you have entered your ABIM ID and requisite information properly into the NephSAP modules.

While ASN transmits your data to ABIM, ASN is NOT responsible for your ABIM MOC Status Report. Please be sure to check your ABIM MOC Status Report frequently.

For assistance, contact ABIM Diplomate Services at 1-800-441-2246.

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Update and posted July 2013