About ASN

ASN's Mission

The American Society of Nephrology (ASN) leads the fight against kidney disease by educating health professionals, sharing new knowledge, advancing research, and advocating the highest quality care for patients.

To accomplish its mission, ASN will:

  1. Educate health professionals by increasing the value of ASN education. In addition to ensuring that ASN Kidney Week remains the premier kidney meeting, ASN will:
    • Provide education (with appropriate credit) for physicians and scientists as well as for doctors of pharmacy, pharmacists, advanced practice nurses, and physician assistants.
    • Disseminate education in as many formats as possible.
    • Develop a mechanism for helping ASN members personalize the society's education to meet their professional needs.
  2. Share new knowledge by improving the quality and expanding the reach of ASN's communications. Besides maintaining the premier publications in kidney disease, ASN will:
    • Develop a mechanism for helping ASN members personalize the society's communications to meet their professional needs.
    • Integrate educational material for the public.
    • Raise public awareness of kidney disease.
  3. Promote the highest quality care by serving as the professional organization informing health policy in kidney disease. ASN will help its members:
    • Provide expert care to patients.
    • Perform cutting-edge medical research.
    • Educate the next generation of health professionals.
    • Reduce health disparities related to kidney disease.
    • Advocate for increasing awareness of kidney disease within the federal government and among policymakers.
  4. Advance patient care and research in kidney disease by strengthening the pipeline of clinicians, researchers, and educators. To accomplish this goal, ASN will:
    • Implement a strategy to increase interest in nephrology careers, which includes promoting diversity within the nephrology workforce.
    • Help fund travel to ASN educational activities for physicians and researchers training in the field of kidney disease.
    • Use the ASN Grants Program to support outstanding research and foster career development.
  5. Continue to bolster the ASN infrastructure, which includes:
    • Increasing diversity—including age and experience, ethnicity, and gender—at all levels of the society.
    • Providing avenues for helping ASN members facilitate professional exchange.
    • Expanding ASN membership.
    • Increasing the ASN Council-Designated Endowment Fund (independent of operational budget) to support grants and other priorities.

ASN (Federal Tax ID: 52-6078378) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization.