Training Program Directors

Training Program Directors

This website is devoted to nephrology training program directors. The TPDs, through the auspices of the ASN, elect a Training Program Directors Executive Committee that works with all nephrology TPDs to meet their educational objectives, including (1) defining training requirements for nephrologists; (2) monitoring and extending interest in new funding opportunities for trainees; (3) increasing interest in nephrology as a career; and (4) promoting improvements in the quality of training programs in general. Details on the TPD Executive Committee are available here.

The material contained on this site represents the combined efforts of many TPDs, ASN staff and other ASN members. Much of the content was developed as a result of the ASN TPD Retreats and the various groups of TPDs focusing on specific TPD-related issues.

Benefits of Participating in the All-In Nephrology Match

ERAS Access

As a reminder, starting July 1, 2016, nephrology training programs participating in the All-In Nephrology Match will be listed in, and have access to, the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Because of ERAS' and NRMP's differing processes and timelines, ASN is asking programs to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to provide ERAS the information it needs to verify programs/tracks participating in the AY 2017 All-In Nephrology Match.

Programs that enter into and return the signed MOU to ASN by Wednesday, June 15, 2016, at 5:00 p.m. EDT will be listed in ERAS and able to receive applications using the ERAS Program Director Work Station. Those entering after June 15 will be listed, but ERAS will NOT inform candidates of any additions after the July 1 opening. Nonparticipating programs will not be listed in, nor have access to, ERAS and will be excluded from the benefits of participation.

Benefits of Participation

The ASN Match Oversight Task Force recommended, and ASN Council has approved, excluding nonparticipating programs from the benefits of participation below, effective with the AY 2017 Nephrology Match. (Please note that ASN reserves the right, as official sponsor of the Nephrology Match, to exclude potentially nonparticipating programs in AY 2016 from receiving these benefits if these programs refuse to discuss their participation status with the society.)

Programs assessed as nonparticipating with ASN's All-In Policy will be excluded from the following benefits of participation.

ASN All-In Nephrology Match—Benefits of Participation
  • Training Program Directors (TPDs), faculty, and staff from participating programs will have access to the TPD toolkit information on the ASN site.
  • Participating programs will be included in the ASN website program listing with search function for candidates.
  • TPDs and Division Chiefs from participating programs are eligible to serve as speakers at ASN Kidney Week.
  • TPDs and faculty from participating programs are eligible to be nominated for ASN committees.
  • TPDs and faculty from participating programs are eligible to apply for ASN and ASN Foundation for Kidney Research grant funding.

All-In Nephrology Match Application Cycle for AY 2017

June 15, 2016Deadline to return signed All-In Nephrology Match MOU
July 1, 2016Candidates begin submitting applications to ERAS
August 31, 2016Match Opens
October 5, 2016Rank Order List Entry Opens
November 2, 2016Quota Change Deadline
November 16, 2016Rank Order List Certification Deadline
December 7, 2016Match Day