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To create a world without kidney diseases, the ASN Alliance for Kidney Health elevates care by educating and informing, driving breakthroughs and innovation, and advocating for policies that create transformative changes in kidney medicine throughout the world.

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Belding H. Scribner Award

The Belding H. Scribner Award is presented annually to one or more individuals who have made outstanding contributions that have a direct impact on the care of patients with renal disorders or have substantially changed the clinical practice of nephrology. Established in 1995, this award honors the physician who developed the arteriovenous shunt that first made long term hemodialysis for chronic renal failure possible.

Dr. Scribner spent his entire faculty career at the University of Washington in Seattle where he was Head of the Division of Nephrology in the Department of Medicine from 1958 to 1982. He and his co-workers made numerous contributions to the care of patients with end-stage renal disease, including establishing the world's first out-of-hospital dialysis unit, developing a home hemodialysis program, improving techniques and equipment for hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, and studying the adequacy and complications of chronic renal disease treated by dialysis. Dr. Scribner's contributions had an enormous effect in transforming nephrology into a major subspecialty of internal medicine.

Dr. Scribner and colleagues also played a major role in persuading Congress to fund the Medicare ESRD Program. His scientific contributions, his training of physicians interested in dialysis, his persistence in overcoming difficulties, his attention to ethical concerns, and his absolute commitment to the care of patients played major roles in the development of end stage renal disease care as it is today. These numerous accomplishments stand as an outstanding example of a dedicated physician who made major contributions to the care of patients with kidney disease.

Award Winners

  • 2023 Philip K.T. Li, MD
  • 2022 Phyllis August, MD, MPH
  • 2021 Jonathan Himmelfarb, MD, FASN
  • 2020 Josef Coresh, MD, PhD, FASN
  • 2019 Paul L. Kimmel, MD, FASN
  • 2018 John T. Daugirdas, MD, FASN
  • 2017 Raymond M. Hakim, MD, PhD, FASN
  • 2015 Glenn M Chertow, MD, FASN, MPH
  • 2014 Allan J. Collins, MD
  • 2013 Andrew S. Levey, MD
  • 2012 Nathan W. Levin, MD
  • 2011 Neil R. Powe, MD, FASN
  • 2010 Hans-Henrik Parving, MD
  • 2009 James E. Cimino, MD
  • 2008 Marshall D. Lindheimer, MD
  • 2007 Edmund J. Lewis, MD
  • 2006 Joel D. Kopple, MD, FASN
  • 2005 William M. Bennett, MD, FASN
  • 2004 Philip Held, PhD
  • 2004 Friedrich K. Port, MD, MS
  • 2004 Robert A. Wolfe, PhD
  • 2003 Jack W. Coburn, MD
  • 2003 Jacob Lemann, Jr., MD
  • 2002 R. Curtis Morris, Jr., MD
  • 2002 Anthony Sebastian, MD
  • 2001 Allen C. Alfrey, MD
  • 2000 Fredric L. Coe, MD, FASN
  • 2000 Charles Pak, MD
  • 1999 Eduardo Slatopolsky, MD
  • 1998 Dimitrios G. Oreopoulos, MD, PhD
  • 1997 Karl D. Nolph, MD
  • 1996 Frank A. Gotch, MD
  • 1995 Jack Moncrief, MD
  • 1995 Robert P. Popovich, PhD