About ASN

ASN: Leading the Fight Against Kidney Diseases


To prevent, treat, and cure kidney diseases.


ASN leads the fight to prevent, treat, and cure kidney diseases throughout the world by educating health professionals and scientists, advancing research and innovation, communicating new knowledge, and advocating for the highest quality care for patients.


To accomplish this vision and mission, ASN will:

  1. Lead the kidney community by focusing on education, communications, policy, and collaboration
    1. Educate health professionals and scientists by creating innovative tools and platforms, expanding to new settings, and increasing audiences.
    2. Communicate new knowledge effectively, rapidly, and extensively.
    3. Advocate for policies that promote the highest quality patient care, increased funding for research, and a commitment to medical education.
    4. Collaborate with patient, health and science professional, and other organizations to advance mutually shared goals, including greater awareness of kidney diseases.
  2. Transform kidney research through discovery and innovation to prevent, treat, and cure kidney diseases
    1. Galvanize the kidney community to advance research that enhances the lives of patients.
    2. Include patients, families, and caregivers as stakeholders in the design and implementation of kidney research.
    3. Engage new partners and facilitate collaboration among health professionals, scientists, and other stakeholders.
    4. Leverage breakthroughs to increase awareness of kidney diseases and to promote interest in careers in nephrology.
    5. Ensure the continued success of the Kidney Health Initiative and the ASN Foundation for Kidney Research.
  3. Encourage every kidney health professional in the world to contribute to, and benefit from, ASN
    1. Expand membership to include the interprofessional kidney health care team, including physicians, scientists, doctors of pharmacy, pharmacists, advanced practice providers, nurses, dieticians, and social workers.
    2. Extend the society's voting privilege(s) to every ASN member.
    3. Promote diversity and inclusiveness within ASN to enrich the nephrology profession and kidney community as well as the lives of people with kidney diseases.
  4. Foster career development for current and future kidney health professionals
    1. Continue to strengthen the pipeline of health professionals, scientists, and educators in nephrology.
    2. Develop resources for career development for each ASN member at every stage in professional life.
    3. Empower ASN members to become leaders in health care practice, research, and education as well as administration and management.
  5. Assert the value of nephrology to health and science professionals, health care systems, and other stakeholders to ensure high-quality care for patients
    1. Define the scope of nephrology practice and articulate a vision for nephrology in the future.
    2. Facilitate improvements in patient care, research, and education by using all available data sources to produce recurring reports about the state of nephrology.
    3. Highlight the specialty of nephrology as a leader in health care delivery and quality improvement.

ASN (Federal Tax ID: 52-6078378) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization.