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  • May JASN

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    The Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN) is the leading kidney journal in the world. JASN celebrated 25 years in 2015 and has been published monthly since July 1990. JASN represents an outstanding synthesis of cutting-edge basic research, clinical epidemiology, clinical research, meta-analysis, relevant editorials, and timely and important reviews. Editorials are written to distill and elucidate the key findings of the parent article. Similarly, the reviews are invariably erudite and comprehensive in their coverage of a given field. Special Articles and the Science in Renal Medicine articles address areas that are topical and important. The intermittent feature, Renal Biopsy with New Insights, provides a scholarly treatment of a topic that is often pedantically treated in other journals. The overall content and tone of JASN represent scholarship in basic and clinical research of exceptional merit and luster. JASN peer-review and publication processes are handled expeditiously. Authors receive decisions within 21 days after submission and manuscripts are typically published online within four weeks of acceptance. JASN has an acceptance rate of 20% and is circulated to nearly 13,500 individuals and institutions worldwide. JASN deposits published research articles in PubMed Central within 12 months of publication, which satisfies the NIH Public Access Policy and other similar funding agency requirements.

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  • May CJASN

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    CJASN aims to cement the journal as the leading voice in communicating and influencing advances in clinical nephrology by (1) rapidly and effectively communicating the most important advances in clinical and translational research in nephrology, including innovations in research methods and care delivery; (2) putting these advances in context for future research directions and patient care; and (3) becoming an important voice on every issue that potentially affects the clinical practice of nephrology, particularly in the United States. Original manuscript topic areas include: Acid/Base and Electrolyte Disorders; Acute Kidney Injury and ICU Nephrology; Chronic Kidney Disease; Clinical Nephrology; Cystic Kidney Disease; Diabetes and the Kidney; Genetics; Geriatric and Palliative Nephrology; Glomerular and Tubulointerstitial Diseases; Hypertension; Maintenance Dialysis; Mineral Metabolism; Nephrolithiasis; and Transplantation.

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  • May Kidney News

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    Kidney News is your source for information in the kidney world. From workforce trends to scientific advances, the monthly newsmagazine covers news of widespread interest to the kidney community. Look here for how changes in research funding, clinical practice, and the politics of health care will affect your work. Our goal is to pinpoint emerging trends in industry, medicine, and training that will impact practitioners in all avenues of kidney health and disease and to provide more commentary and speculation than a scientific journal can allow.

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Online Publications

ASN produces several online publications, including the Kidney Week Abstract Supplement to JASN, key press releases, and In The Loop, a daily email news briefing tailored to the needs of nephrologists.

Mobile Device Apps

ASN mobile apps allow you to keep up to date with the latest research on your phone, tablet, or other mobile device. JASN, CJASN, and Kidney News apps are avaialble for iOS and Android platforms.

Additional Resources

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