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The ASN website makes use of many modern web technologies, including Flash, AJAX, Javascript, ASP.NET, RSS, XML/XSLT and PDF. To learn more about the new ASN website, take the online site tour or if you are having trouble finding certain information, try the FAQ page.

If you are having difficulty viewing any of the pages, please refer to the sections below for possible solutions or use the Auto-Detect Settings page to automatically detect potential problems with your configuration.

Supported Browsers

The ASN website supports all modern web browsers, including IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Learn more at

Printing Pages from the Website

When you try to print a page from the ASN website, you will notice that it looks different from what appears on the screen. This is the "printer-friendly" version, which removes all elements that are not pertinent to the page and presents it in a way that all of the main content will fit on standard 8.5" x 11" pieces of paper. Please note that the zoom level is controlled by you, the user. IE7's default is the "shrink to fit" which can cause the text to be very small. To print at different zoom levels, use the "Print Preview" option in your browser, and then choose "100%" to print the page as it was intended, with 12pt font.

If you wish to print the page as it appears on the screen, here are a few options:

Alt-Print Screen

By holding the 'Alt' key and the pressing the 'Print Screen' key on your keyboard, this will copy a picture of the visible screen to your desktop. You can then paste into your favorite graphics editor and print.

Screengrab! (Firefox Only)

If you are using Firefox, you can download and install Screengrab!, a plugin for firefox that allows you save the page as an image and then print it. You have the option of printing what you see in the window, just a selection, what is inside a frame, or the entire webpage.

Technical Contact

Tony Steiner
Information Technology Specialist
American Society of Nephrology
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