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ASN and Phairify—Delivering the Professional Information Nephrologists Need

ASN is partnering with Phairify to provide members exclusive access to nephrology-specific compensation and productivity data that can help you take control of your career.

Phairify Overview

Take Control of Your Career with Phairify

Image showing physician practice characteristics and histogram of comparable salaries for similar nephrologists.

Just like Zillow® for houses or Carvana® for cars, Phairify provides nephrologists with access to compensation and productivity data specific to their specialty and practice situation. Empowered by data, nephrologists can expand their understanding of their value and how this should translate into worth.

Take advantage of your free and unlimited access to Phairify's online Physician Value Exchange as an exclusive American Society of Nephrology (ASN) membership benefit. Leverage personalized market intelligence not available anywhere by completing Phairify's 10-minute compensation and productivity study.

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Phairify Resources

To learn more about the benefits of Phairify see the selected case study and article below, and access more resources on Phairify's Resources page at

Phairify Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Phairify?

A: Phairify is a data collection and visualization application that permits users to filter their specialty database to design cohorts of physician practices that are just like them. When it comes to understanding where you fall among your colleagues regarding compensation, call frequency, productivity, or similar variables, it is important to make sure you are comparing yourself to like practices.

Phairify allows you to define what is important or unique about your practice to find the right comparison group. Current physician compensation market research either compares your practice to all U.S. physicians or those in your geographic region. But a small academic practice in Syracuse, NY, can be much different than a large private practice in Boston and so such an analysis fails to yield accurate information because comparability is non-existent. Phairify allows you to solve this problem for yourself. The results can be powerful.

Q: How do I participate?

A: Participating ASN members power Phairify's information platform—the Physician Value Exchange. The Exchange is a free, anonymous, accessible database of nephrology-specific productivity, compensation, and practice information. Phairify members can access the Exchange any time on any device to filter aggregate specialty information to inform professional decision-making.

You participate by taking an anonymous, nephrology-specific assessment of your productivity, compensation, and other practice measures, such as salary, bonuses, benefits, call requirements, wRVUs, practice settings, and other factors. Phairify's study was built in partnership with ASN to deliver high-quality, timely information for your professional needs.

Q: Why should I participate?

A: Phairify believes physicians deserve better, higher quality, more powerful data to manage their careers. Accordingly, all study participants receive access to all Phairify specialty information at no cost for one full year to use for personalized benchmarking and career management. Phairify is the first exchange where you can use specialty-specific market intelligence to determine your professional value and define the terms for a desired job. Phairify is turning the physician recruiting paradigm on its head by putting physicians in charge of the process.

Q: If I choose to participate, what information is available to me?

A: Once you complete the study for your specialty, you will receive full access to aggregated information for every study question. Phairify provides the ability to filter your specialty database to examine variables such as total compensation or call pay among a more comparable group, not the entire database. The results can be very different and powerfully enlightening.

Q: How much does Phairify cost?

A: Nothing. Phairify is provided to you for the cost of participation exclusively through the American Society of Nephrology as a benefit of membership. You and ASN pay nothing.

Q: Can I view the study responses without participating in the study?

A: No. For study information to meet our quality goals and be of value to practitioners, we need high study response rates. Fortunately, we have designed study participation to be intuitive and require a short time commitment.

Q: How long does it take to complete a study?

A: Phairify worked with ASN to design a study capturing only the information essential to you. The study software was developed for use by busy physicians with limited computer ability. As a result, you can aggregate the necessary information in 10 minutes and enter that information in under 15 minutes. Our goal is to allow you to be done as fast as possible by clicking buttons and sliding sliders for data entry.

Q: Do I need a lot of financial and practice information to be able to complete the study?

A: No. You will need to know how much you were compensated and for what effort. You will also need some information about your clinical practice during the reporting period (e.g., frequency of call and productivity information). You may choose to have a practice manager or Human Resource professional in your office assist by completing this information prior to accessing the study application.

Q: Are my responses anonymous?

A: Absolutely. At Phairify, users anonymously provide information regarding their employment and professional backgrounds. This crowdsourced information is consolidated into ready-made reports to help you understand your value and worth. Phairify uses these and other industry-standard protocols to protect aggregated and personal information and keep it anonymous and private:

  • Phairify does not collect personally identifiable information
  • Phairify protects anonymity by making data and reports accessible only when a threshold of users have completed our studies
Q: I'm concerned about the security of my information. What does Phairify do to make sure my responses are completely secure?

A: Your security and privacy are a top priority for us. We have rigorous authentication processes and encryption standards in place to protect all user information stored in our systems and communicated via the internet, including even the anonymous and non-sensitive information collected in connection with a study. Only authorized Phairify personnel can access your information and our databases are automatically backed up to prevent loss of data. Please review our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Accessibility Statement for full details on data security.

  • Phairify maximizes privacy by individually encrypting and then separating profile information from study response data on our secure network
  • Phairify's databases are only accessible by authorized personnel and are backed up to prevent data loss
Q: I'm all set. I've seen the physician compensation market research and I know where I stand. Why should I participate?

A: You wouldn't make clinical decisions based upon data drawn from small samples with some inherent bias in data collection. So why would you form professional career beliefs based upon such limited information? Without a high participation market research study collected with minimal bias, nobody knows whether a particular physician is compensated in the 25th percentile or the 90th percentile of the real population for a given specialty. The only way to know is to participate.

Q: Can nephrology fellows participate?

A: Yes. Just like ASN physician members, ASN Fellow members take an anonymous, nephrology-specific assessment of certain productivity and practice measures relevant for fellows. And, because Phairify believes that measures of clinical effort and compensation can figure prominently in a trainee's decision to pursue a particular specialty, Phairify provides participating fellows with access to aggregated physician study information at no cost.

Q: I'm an academic in a teaching hospital. In this highly structured environment, how would this information be relevant for me?

A: Access to compelling data provide the greatest opportunity to arrive at fair compensation even within highly matrixed and structured institutions or health systems, and even among academic or teaching hospitals. A comprehensive and time-relevant database of productivity and compensation information for nephrology may be the one resource that the Dean finds persuasive. Further, the use of Phairify to drill down into the database to design comparison cohorts can add tremendous insight to the general, non-specific reports currently available.

Q: Where can I reach someone for technical help with the Physician Value Study?

A: You can contact Phairify's Member Support Desk for help with technical questions at or by calling 888-400-3130.