Basic/Clinical Science Session

Functional Proteomics: Unraveling Molecular Machines to Protein Networks in Metabolic Disease

November 08, 2019 | 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Location: 206, Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Session Description

Functional proteomics is a study of protein function that advances understanding of the mechanistic pathways of disease pathogenesis. A variety of mass spectrometry-based approaches allows characterization of cellular protein assemblies and subsequent assignment of individual proteins to specific molecular machines, pathways, and networks, according to an increasing level of organizational complexity. This session discusses the application of these techniques to understand metabolic basis of kidney diseases.

Learning Objective(s)

  • Explain top-down proteomic technologies to characterize protein networks
  • Discuss the role of post-translational protein acylation in metabolic diseases
  • Describe the role of functional proteomics in renal pathophysiology
  • Discuss the application of functional proteomics to biomarker discovery in diabetic kidney disease

Learning Pathway(s)

  • Diabetes and Metabolism
  • Glomerular Diseases


  • John M. Arthur, MD, PhD, FASN
  • Anna Vachaparampil Mathew, MBBS