Evolving Concepts in Hypertension: Mechanisms, Management, and Future Directions

Evolving Concepts in Hypertension - Session 3

November 06, 2019 | 01:00 PM - 03:30 PM

Location: 146 A/B, Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Session Description

Early Program "Evolving Concepts in Hypertension: Mechanisms, Management, and Future Directions"


  • Chirag R. Parikh, MD, PhD, FASN
  • Mahboob Rahman, MD, MBBS


  • Debate Pro: The New Definition of Hypertension Is Justified and Will Improve Clinical Outcomes
    01:00 PM - 01:30 PM
    Sandra J. Taler, MD 
  • Debate Con: The New Definition Is Not Justified and Will Simply Increase the Number of People Diagnosed with Hypertension
    01:30 PM - 02:00 PM
    George L. Bakris, MA, MD, FASN 
  • Relationship Between Intensive BP Control and AKI: Real or Sham?
    02:00 PM - 02:30 PM
    Chirag R. Parikh, MD, PhD, FASN
  • Panel Discussion
    02:30 PM - 03:00 PM
    Sandra J. Taler, MD
    George L. Bakris, MA, MD, FASN 
    Chirag R. Parikh, MD, PhD, FASN
  • Break
    03:00 PM - 03:30 PM