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Tell Your Legislators to Stand Up to Tax Reform Efforts Threatening Patient Care

Congress is finalizing a tax reform deal that could jeopardize funding levels for Medicare, health and scientific research, and programs supporting the pipeline of future scientists.

As outlined in a letter to House and Senate leadership, the current tax reform proposal includes a number of provisions that would have long-term, negative consequences for millions of Americans and for the healthcare system upon which we all rely including:

  • Compromising access to care,
  • Decimating the pipeline of future scientists,
  • Creating an unstable fiscal climate that would threaten America's preeminence in medical research.

We need your voice. Contact your legislators now.  Tell them tax proposals that jeopardize these three fundamentals in health and research are bad for the country and the more than 40 million Americans with kidney diseases. Join ASN and ask Congress to stand against changes that jeopardize America's health, safety, and security.