President's Medal

ASN awards the ASN President's Medal to individuals who have helped advance ASN's mission to "lead the fight against kidney disease by educating health professionals, sharing new knowledge, advancing research, and advocating the highest quality care for patients."

The medal also recognizes individuals who have made contributions, broadly defined, to the kidney community, and who are unlikely to be eligible for ASN's other five awards. As a result, patients, members of Congress, and other advocates have received the ASN President's Medal in the past.

In considering candidates for the president's medal, ASN considers the society's strategic goal of "increasing diversity—including age and experience, ethnicity, and gender—at all levels of the society."

Award Winners

  • 2018 Griffin Rodgers, MD
  • 2017 Paul T. Conway
  • 2017 Richard A. Knight, MBA
  • 2015 George Lopez
  • 2014 Tom Marino
  • 2014 Jim McDermott, MD
  • 2013 Lori Hartwell, MD, FASN
  • 2012 Dolph Chianchiano
  • 2007 Karen L. Campbell, PhD