Kidney Week 2017: What's New

Abstract Categories – New or Updated

  • 002 AKI: Repair and Regeneration
  • 003 AKI: Clinical and Translational
  • 305 CKD: Clinical Trials and Tubulointerstitial Disorders
  • 308 Mechanisms of Tubulointerstitial Fibrosis
  • 503 Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity: Translational
  • 610 Dialysis: Infection
  • 1101 Hypertension: Basic and Experimental: Neural and Inflammatory Mechanisms
  • 1102 Hypertension: Basic and Experimental: Renal Causes and Consequences
  • 1104 Hypertension: Clinical and Translational: Salt and Hypertension
  • 1105 Hypertension: Clinical and Translational: Genetics and Epigenetics
  • 1106 Hypertension: Clinical and Translational: Secondary Causes

Early Programs

ASN offers 10 Early Programs on Tuesday, October 31 and/or Wednesday, November 1, preceding the Annual Meeting (November 2-5). New Early Programs are:

  • The Advances in Research Conference: Precision Medicine in Renal Disease presents the critical advances in molecular and clinical medicine essential to implement precision medicine – i.e., tailoring of medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient. This conference covers technologies that can illuminate comprehensive genetic, molecular, structural, and clinical aspects of diseases. Strategies to integrate these multi-scalar data sets to define the mechanisms cutting across these knowledge domains are discussed. Finally, experts present innovative approaches to apply this knowledge in novel clinical trials, aligning the efforts across multiple stakeholders.
  • The Advancing Clinical Research in Nephrology: Approaches and Methods program covers many approaches used in modern clinical investigation, including epidemiology, clinical trials, and qualitative research. Attendees can learn about fundamental concepts, innovative approaches to data acquisition, stakeholder engagement, systems biology, precision medicine, and implementation science. Case studies and panel discussions illustrate challenges and solutions, and help facilitate interaction between course participants and speakers.
  • The Dialysis Infection Crisis in the United States: A Call to Action is an interactive program that addresses the urgent need to enhance infection control and prevention for all infectious threats in U.S. dialysis facilities to protect both patients and health care personnel. Nephrologists play a critical role as team leaders in transformational change that continuously improves the safety of life sustaining dialysis. Tools and education are provided to enable nephrologists to lead the pursuit of zero preventable infections.
  • The What You Need to Know about Diabetes and Diabetic Kidney Disease program pulls together all aspects of the epidemic disease, while at the same time presenting a comprehensive update. Experts cover topics ranging from the background epidemic of diabetes mellitus, to the pathophysiology of diabetic CKD, to current approaches to diabetic CKD and hypertension. Highlights include educational content on new drugs in development, the growing use of hypoglycemic agents in diabetic CKD including ESRD, and the unique dialysis and transplant problems of ESRD patients due to diabetes.

Welcome Reception

Thursday, November 2, 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

The society will host a Welcome Reception for all Kidney Week participants in the exhibit hall. This event will provide participants with an additional unopposed hour to engage with exhibitors and explore the exhibit hall.

Communities Lounge

ASN proudly presents the Communities Lounge. This new attraction transforms the online concept of ASN’s Communities to a real-life experience of engagement, collaboration and connection. In 2016, ASN launched, Communities, an online forum where members can network and provide input on issues facing nephrology and the Society. The lounge's featured attractions are:

  • Central Connectivity Bar
  • Meeting Quads
  • Relaxation Zone

Stop by the lounge to explore the Communities World. Learn more »