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NephSAP: Learn More About the New Format

NephSAP has moved from print to online. This allows NephSAP to expand on the unparalleled educational content for kidney professionals, and offer an array of new features to enhance your learning. The new version focuses on easier access, personalization options, and integration features, and represents the next step in nephrology distance learning. Click an icon below to view the video tutorial or preview a sample issue.

Preview the New Format

Take a Tour of NephSAP
Take a Tour of NephSAP

The new format of NephSAP features the same great content, but with many more features to help you get the most out of your educational experience. Use the toolbar at the bottom to try out different functionality. View the video to learn more.

NephSAP Preview
Interactive Features

There are a number of interactive features on each page. Right-click to view page images, lookup terms via Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary®, speak text, bookmark pages, copy/paste, and more.

Key Features

Type Feature Description
Realistic User Interface 3D rendering provides natural reading experience, including page flip animations, custom zoom/tilt/rotation, and intuitive panning
Navigation Tools The table of contents, search, jump to page, and thumbnails allow you to quickly locate content anywhere in the issue
Input Control Options Control the issue using your keyboard, mouse, stylus, or touchscreen
Linked References Linked references at the end of each section provide easy access to additional research
Full size Image Slideshows View the full size, original images from the issue in slideshow format, illustrating research and data in crisp detail
Study Aids Medical term lookup via integration with Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary®, copy/paste text, and hear text spoken aloud
Custom Bookmarks Never lose your place by saving custom bookmarks to pick up right where you left off
Save Notes Save and print full text notes as you navigate the issue
Printing Options Print exactly what you need, whether it's a single page, a whole section, or the entire issue
Integrated Content Easily access the corresponding Audio NephSAP and claim CME Credits for the issue
Social Media Share content with colleagues via Facebook and Twitter
Vector Typesetting Type is rendered as vector, allowing for crisp resolution at any zoom level
Download PDF Download the original PDF for offline viewing
Compatibility Fully compatible with all modern web browsers, including all mobile devices, phones, and tablets

Three Versions in One

NephSAP was designed with compatibility in mind. However, we recognize that not all computers (and devices) are equal, so we created three versions, which will be served to you automatically based on your browser's detected capabilities. The table below compares the three:

  Flash Version HTML5 Version PDF Version
Target Device Desktop or laptop computer Tablet or plugin-free browser Smartphone or older device
Requirements Flash Player v.11 or higher Browser with canvas support Adobe Reader or comparable software
Vector Text Rendering Yes Yes, via SVG Mode Yes
Selectable Text Yes No Software dependent
Printing Capabilities Yes No Software dependent
View Full Resolution Images Yes Yes No
Further Instructions View help file » View help file » N/A
  View Demo View Demo View Demo


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