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Kevin John Fowler

ASN Biography

Kevin J. Fowler inherited Polycystic Kidney Disease from his mother which resulted in him having a pre-emptive kidney transplant in August 2004. He is profoundly grateful to his living donor Chris and her husband Loren. Besides serving on the PFPC, he is a member of AST Patient Advisory Group, NKF Kidney Advocacy Committee, Kidney Research Institute, Patient Advisory Committee, and was recently selected for the Office of National Coordinator Consumer Task Force. His areas of interested are patient engagement in renal disease, developing new models of care for CKD, and all aspects of kidney transplantation.

Kevin has spent the majority of his career in the pharmaceutical industry. During his career, he was worked in both the Commercial and R+D side of the business. He gained experience in sales management, training, public affairs, patient advocacy +marketing, and global marketing. Currently, he formed his corporation, “The Voice of the Patient, Inc.” providing consulting services in patient advocacy and patient engagement.

He is married to his wife Kathy, and they have two children, Kelley and Jack. They reside in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.