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Nichole M. Jefferson

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Nichole Jefferson is originally from Dallas, Texas and currently resides in West Des Moines, Iowa. She received a transplanted kidney on June 12, 2008, after beginning dialysis in October 2003. While on dialysis, she experienced both peritoneal and hemo dialysis treatments, preferring the convenience of peritoneal dialysis. While in Dallas, Nichole was involved in the local chapter of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF). Upon moving to West Des Moines, Iowa in October 2011, she became actively involved with the National chapter of the NKF. Her advocacy started when she realized how few people understood the importance of the kidneys and the high risk of kidney disease in the black community.

Although no longer on dialysis, the kidney transplant initiated a new quest for knowledge on how to live with a new kidney. Her personal experiences with dialysis, transplant, and the life changing measures found Nichole looking for ways to share her knowledge with others. Nichole participated in the 2014 and 2016 Kidney Patient Summit with the National Kidney Foundation in Washington, D.C., representing the state of Iowa. During this time, she spoke with representatives of Congress regarding the need for early detection of kidney disease. In 2015, Nichole was invited to participate as a liaison in a newly formed Kidney Action Committee with the National Kidney Foundation. In this position, she shares her experiences and advocates for kidney disease awareness and needs. She is eager to be a part of the Kidney Health Initiative: Patient and Family Partnership Council to collaborate with others in order to find alternatives and ultimately a cure for chronic kidney disease.