Board of Advisors


  • Eleanor D. Lederer, MD, FASN (2018)


  • Anupam Agarwal, MD, FASN (2021)
  • Deidra C. Crews, MD, MS, FASN (2017)
  • Laura M. Dember, MD, FASN (2018)
  • Raymond C. Harris, MD, FASN (2018)
  • Lawrence B. Holzman, MD (2017)
  • Michelle A. Josephson, MD (2017)
  • Jeffrey H. Miner, PhD, FASN (2018)
  • Ann M. O'Hare, MD (2017)
  • Mark D. Okusa, MD, FASN (2019)
  • Susan E. Quaggin, MD, FASN (2022)
  • Mark E. Rosenberg, MD, FASN (2020)
  • Prabir Roy-Chaudhury, MD, PhD, FASN (2018)
  • Paul W. Sanders, MD (2018)
  • Monnie Wasse, MD, FASN, MPH (2017)

Staff Liaison


To continue to be a leading professional organization in the field of nephrology, the ASN must have a governance structure that is adaptable and consistent with the broad diversity of its membership. Decisions which are made by the Officers and Council of the ASN must be informed by and representative of the varied aspects of the discipline and must be representative of all of the constituencies of the Society. Consequently, the American Society of Nephrology has instituted a Board of Advisors which will have direct and frequent interactions with the Council and will play an important decision making role in the governance of the Society.

The ASN Board of Advisors will function in a unique advisory capacity for the Society and will: (1) provide advice and counsel on matters dealing with research, education, publications, government relations and patient care; (2) maintain an active liaison with all ASN committees and advisory groups to promote interactions and the development of new programs and initiatives; (3) help to formulate responses and position papers on issues which affect the discipline of nephrology and the care of patients with renal disease; (4) anticipate and recommend new activities and services to meet the needs of the members of the ASN; and, (5) assist in the assessment of existing programs and new endeavors of the ASN, as well as collaborations with other societies and interactions with industry.

The ASN Board of Advisors will meet formally twice per year. One meeting, in conjunction with the ASN annual meeting will be chaired by the President Elect (incoming President), defining Society initiatives for the following year. A second meeting, co-joint with the Spring Council meeting, will be chaired by the ASN President and provide continuity concerning the Society's activities and new initiatives. Each of these meetings will be held with the full Council of the American Society of Nephrology so that there is a free and complete interchange of ideas between members of the Board of Advisors and the elected Council and Officers of the Society. Additionally, it is expected that the Board of Advisors will solicit input from committees and advisory groups as well as the membership of the Society, as appropriate. The primary responsibility of the Board of Advisors will be to ensure that the full interest of the membership of the Society is reflected in the programs and activities of the ASN and that these perspectives are represented when important decisions are undertaken by the Council and Officers of the Society.


Members are the chairs of the ASN Advisory Groups and Committees, as well as representatives from relevant special interest societies.

Additional Information