Blue Ribbon Panel on Career Development in Nephrology

Staff Liaison


Blue Ribbon Panel participants are charged with envisioning a comprehensive and cohesive array of programs that will advance careers of kidney professionals and promote interest in kidney medicine, research and education, by:

  • Becoming familiar with current ASN programs (through background material provided). Understanding ASN programs in the broader context of available career development options in organized medicine.
  • Identifying and prioritizing the topic areas that would appeal to and meet the objectives for kidney professionals for all stages of career development.
  • Assessing the strengths, weaknesses, and overall value of existing ASN career development programs and making recommendations to continue, modify or sunset current society programs aimed at career development.
  • Proposing and prioritizing new programs to meet gaps in advancing careers and promoting interest in in kidney medicine, research and education.
  • Suggesting metrics and timelines for measuring performance of ASN's portfolio of career development programs.

ASN staff members are charged with providing a three-year plan to the ASN Council that includes:

  • Plans for implementing the panel's recommendations, including timelines.
  • Plans for disseminating information to ASN members to raise awareness of programs, with recommendations regarding optimal methods for dissemination.
  • Presentation of a cohesive internal structure that will support and efficiently coordinate ASN Career Development programs.
  • A reporting structure for metrics to measure success.