Executive Committee


  • Mark E. Rosenberg, MD, FASN (2019)


  • Ziyad Al-Aly, MD, FASN (2020)
  • Scott D. Bieber, DO (2020)
  • Deidra C. Crews, MD, MS, FASN (2019)
  • Crystal A. Gadegbeku, MD, FASN (2020)
  • Scott J. Gilbert, MD, FASN (2019)
  • Kambiz Kalantari, MD, MS (2020)
  • Pascale Hammond Lane, MD, FASN (2020)
  • Suzanne M. Norby, MD, FASN (2020)

Staff Liaison


The executive committee reports on progress of programs under purview of each chair; brings issues of major importance or concern to the council; identifies gaps among activities, programs, and initiatives; identifies seams (or redundancies) among activities, programs, and initiatives.


Includes chairs of vision-, mission-, and goal-based committees; reports to the council three times annually, at least one time per year in person.