Media and Communications


  • Pascale Hammond Lane, MD, FASN (2020)


  • Christos Argyropoulos, MD, PhD, FASN (2020)
  • Anna Marie Burgner, MD (2020)
  • Natasha Naresh Dave, MD (2020)
  • Samira S. Farouk, MD, MS, FASN (2019)
  • Kelly A. Hyndman, PhD (2020)
  • Kenar D. Jhaveri, MD, FASN (2020)
  • Sam Kant, MD (2020)
  • Scherly Leon, MD (2020)
  • Edgar V. Lerma, MD, FASN (2020)
  • Devika Nair, MD, MS (2020)
  • Michelle N. Rheault, MD (2019)
  • Roger A. Rodby, MD, FASN (2020)
  • Silvi Shah, MD, MS, FASN (2019)
  • Matthew A. Sparks, MD, FASN (2020)
  • Jessica Sheehan Tangren, MD, MPH, FASN (2020)
  • Joel M. Topf, MD (2020)

Staff Liaison


Provide strategic direction to ASN's efforts related to communications with professional and lay audiences worldwide, including press, social media, and non-scientific communications as well as help the society respond to press inquiries, review Kidney Week abstracts for press coverage, moderate Kidney Week press conferences, and contribute to ASN's activities on social media and new communication avenues.