Nominating Committee


  • Jonathan Himmelfarb, MD, FASN (2017)


  • Deidra C. Crews, MD, MS, FASN (2017)
  • David H. Ellison, MD, FASN (2017)
  • Julia Lewis, MD (2017)
  • Joshua M. Thurman, MD (2017)
  • Wolfgang C. Winkelmayer, MD, PhD, MPH (2017)

Staff Liaison


The Nominating Committee shall present for vote of the active membership three nominees for each open Councilor position after approval by the Council. Only one name will be placed on the ballot for the position of President-Elect and one name for the position of Secretary-Treasurer (in required years).


The Past-President is designated Chair of the committee with the other five members of the committee being active members of the Society, but not members of the Council. Committee members are appointed by the President in consultation with the Council. The President should consider balanced representation when appointing the five committee members. To allow adequate time for the active membership to suggest names for Councilors, the President should announce the members of the Nominating Committee by mail to the membership six months before the Annual Meeting (usually January).

Nominating Committee Policies and Procedures

A member of the nominating committee must recuse himself/herself from any discussions concerning a potential candidate from his/her institution. The nominating committee should not consider any candidates from the same institution as the ASN Past President, who chairs the nominating committee. The nominating committee should make every effort to consider candidates from different institutions as members of the ASN Council. As stated in its strategic plan, ASN is committed to "increasing diversity—including age and experience, ethnicity, and gender—at all levels of the society."