Publications Committee


  • Ziyad Al-Aly, MD, FASN (2020)


  • Gretchen Leaman Brandt, MD, FASN (2019)
  • Pamela K. Carmines, PhD, FASN (2019)
  • Tarek M. El-Achkar, MD, FASN (2020)
  • Jeffrey C. Fink, MD, MS, FASN (2020)
  • Kirsten L. Johansen, MD, FASN (2020)
  • James P. Lash, MD, FASN (2020)
  • Lynda Szczech, MD (2019)
  • Bessie A. Young, MD, MPH, FASN (2020)


  • Josephine P. Briggs, MD (2024)
  • Richard A. Lafayette, MD (2020)
  • Rajnish Mehrotra, MD, MBBS, FASN (2022)

Staff Liaison


Oversee current and future ASN publishing enterprises, which includes developing proactive approaches to changes in academic publishing, selecting the editors-in-chief for the society's publications, reviewing proposed deputy editors and associate editors, conducting an annual review of the society's publishing program, and reviewing ASN-authored manuscripts to ensure appropriateness before submission for publication.