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Home Kidney Screening Device

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Category: Bioengineering and Informatics

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  • Elsayed, Ragwa, San Jose State University, Daly City, California, United States

Kidney filters blood from wastes. As per USRDS, most CKD patients are between stage 1 to 3 and only 10% aware about their disease.
The objective of this project is to design a new technique using mobile App to monitor the creatinine level in blood at home or at screening events and facilitate user at home to send the results to his physician.


Experiment based on Jaffe’s reactions between picric acid and creatinine. Different concentrations of creatinine were prepared in 0.1 M Hcl solution. Picric acid was prepared 1.6% solution in an alkaline 0.75 M NaOH.
Test Strip design: PVC or Opaque plastic sheets (10 cm * 0.5 cm)
Absorbable sheets (1 cm * 0.5 cm) immersed in picric alkaline solution for an hour then glued to test strip.
200 ul of creatinine solutions have been applied on test strips
Using Matlab to measure creatinine color intensity from a mobile image of test strip


A standard curve is established from results by using Matlab software image 1. A mobile app will be used to detect creatinine level from color intensity of test strip when apply a blood drop. We observed when applying higher creatinine concentration, test strip color become darker image 2


By using the chemical property of picric acid when react with creatinine, a relation is established as a standard curve between creatinine concentration and color intensity.
Using the mobile phone cameras, anyone at home can measure creatinine level by taking an image of test strip.

Relation between color intensity and creatinine concentration
 Image 1Image 2Image 3Image 4Image 5
Red Intensity204202203204199
Green Intensity207203204206201
Blue Intensity199197198203194
Creatinine Concentration115253560


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