Abstract: FR-PO949

Patient Attendance Alert to Specialty System (PAASS): An Automatic Alert as a Novel Approach to Identify Patients with Advanced Kidney Disease for Early Specialty Input on Admission

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  • Patient Safety
    November 03, 2017 | Location: Hall H, Morial Convention Center
    Abstract Time: 10:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Category: Patient Safety

  • 1501 Patient Safety


  • Pandya, Bhavna, University of Liverpool, UK, LIVERPOOL, United Kingdom
  • Dolan, Samantha, University of Liverpool, UK, LIVERPOOL, United Kingdom

Group or Team Name

  • Aintree Nephrology Dept; Aintree Business Intelligence System

Patients with pre-existing advanced renal disease admitted in emergency to hospital are managed by the admitting team. Renal specialists are involved at a late stage depending upon the mode of communication and rely on admitting team for notification. Delays in specialist input contribute to increased morbidity, length of stay, untoward incidences and even mortality. To avoid this delay, we designed an automatic, secure Patient Attendance Alert to Speciality System (PAASS) which alerts the renal team via e-mail and SMS message to notify the attendance of these patients to the appropriate specialist.


We carried out a retrospective analysis of patients admitted within several weeks between July-August 2016 with advanced renal disease. Comparison was made between PAASS alerted and manually referred patients. Length of stay, 30 day/ 6 month/ 12- month readmission rate and patient mortality rate were measured to compare with data prior to the implementation of PAASS alert. Trust’s business intelligence system was used for alert details.


The PAASS alert had acceptable sensitivity (95.2%) and specificity (100%). There was no difference in 6-month mortality and readmission rate between groups; however alerted patients had a significantly reduced ‘length of stay’ in hospital (p=0.0002, 95% CI -12.9,-7.6, SE 0.95), compared to those patients who were referred manually.


Our findings indicate that early notification of patient attendance to hospital using the PAASS alert contributed to reducing length of stay significantly.