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Abstract: SA-PO157

The Best Cut-Off Value of Malnutrition-Inflammation Score (MIS) for Predicting Death in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients

Session Information

Category: Nutrition, Inflammation, and Metabolism

  • 1401 Nutrition, Inflammation, Metabolism


  • Parodis Lopez, Yanet, Centro de Hemodiálisis AVERICUM, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Sablón gonzalez, Nery N, Hospital Dr. Negrin, Las Palmas de GC, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Rodriguez-Esparragon, Francisco Javier, Hospital Dr. Negrin, Las Palmas de GC, Spain
  • Lorenzo villalba, Noel, Centre Hospitalier Saint Cyr, France, France, France
  • Anton, Gloria, Avericum, Telde, Spain
  • Gonzalez cabrera, Fayna, Hospital Dr. Negrin, SANTA BRIGIDA, Spain
  • Oliva-Damaso, Elena, Hospital General Universitario de Gran Canaria Dr Negrin, Las Palmas, Spain
  • Baamonde, Eduardo, Hospital Dr. Negrin, SANTA BRIGIDA, Spain
  • Rodriguez perez, Jose carlos, Hospital Dr. Negrin, Las Palmas de GC, Spain

Mis score is associated with morbidity and mortality; however, there are few studies about cut-off value of MIS to categorize patients into high or low risk patients.


A total of 221 patients from the peripheral hemodialysis center of Dr Negrín University Hospital of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria were included. Demographic and biochemical data were obtained as well as MIS score. A three-year follow-up was carried out to evaluate the best cut-off value of MIS score for predicting death as the primary outcome.


The MIS mean was 7,33 ± 4,57 and was higher in deceased patients (8,34 ± 4,56) than in the non-deceased patients (6,5 ± 4,26) (p = 0,002).
In the ROC analysis, the optimal cut-off value of MIS for predicting death was 5 with 81,5 percent sensitivity and 42,6 percent specificity (Figure 1).
MIS ≥ 5 was found in 67,3% of patients.
81,5% of the deceased patients had a MIS ≥ 5 compared to only 57,4% of the non-deceased patients (p <0,001)
High MIS and Charlson index, advanced age and low lymphocytes were found to be predictors of mortality in the multivariate logistic regression analysis.
As the MIS increases, overall survival is lower according to the Kaplan Meier's statistical analysis (p = 0,003) (Figure 2).


MIS was a practical, simple and independent predictor of mortality in hemodialysis patients, being 5 the best cut-off point to predict mortality.
Additional risk factors associated with mortality were high Charlson Index, advanced age as well as lymphopenia.