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Best Practices in Social Media

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  • Educational Research
    November 04, 2017 | Location: Hall H, Morial Convention Center
    Abstract Time: 10:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Category: Nephrology Education

  • 1301 Educational Research


  • Parada, Xavier F., @ISNeducation, Brussels , Belgium
  • Desai, Tejas P., @ISNeducation, Brussels , Belgium
  • Cota, Miguel A., @ISNeducation, Brussels , Belgium
  • Conjeevaram, Arvind, @ISNeducation, Brussels , Belgium
  • Gopal, Basu, @ISNeducation, Brussels , Belgium
  • Arce, Fernanda, @ISNeducation, Brussels , Belgium
  • Lopez-Almaraz, Jose Ernesto, @ISNeducation, Brussels , Belgium
  • Penmatsa, Krishnam Raju, @ISNeducation, Brussels , Belgium
  • Claure-Del Granado, Rolando, @ISNeducation, Brussels , Belgium
  • Rodriguez, Sonia, @ISNeducation, Brussels , Belgium

Nephrology societies have begun to use social media (SoMe) during meetings. However live coverage is limited, decentralised & disorganised


We compare 3 SoMe operations to identify successes & flaws. The NKF & ISN deployed vanguard SoMe strategies: The NKF’s Social Media Ambassador Program asked volunteers to participate in #SCM17 campaign if they agreed to 6 stipulations. The ISN's Social Media Task Force assigned specific tasks to members giving full support to broadcast the #WCN2017 campaign. These were compared to the #KidneyWk 2016 campaign that employed no known strategy, analyzing the Activity, Diversity, & Vibrancy using NOD Analytics


#KidneyWk contained 8032 tweets but had a 1-day greater duration. It’s 5-day-best activity was only 1% greater than #WCN2017. Participants in #WCN2017 & #KidneyWk came from 55 nations. #WCN2017 represented Latin American, Caribbean, & African nations the best. #SCM17 & #KidneyWk represented the Middle East the best. Nearly 45% of tweets in #SCM17 were vibrant. #WCN2017 followed closely w/43% & #KidneyWk w/38% vibrant tweets


A strategy of assigned tasks and organizational support offers the best balance of activity, diversity, and vibrancy. #WCN2017 earned a high global reach (55 nations) and vibrancy (43% of tweets) while not sacrificing activity (-1% from the top campaign)

Tweet diversity & activity


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