Abstract: FR-PO424

Cigarette Smoking Exacerbated the Pathology of Diabetic Nephropathy with Severity of interstitial Inflammation Infiltration: A Multi-Center Study in Male Adults

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Category: Chronic Kidney Disease (Non-Dialysis)

  • 301 CKD: Risk Factors for Incidence and Progression


  • Han, Qian Qian, West China Hospital, ChengDu, SiChuan, China

Cigarettes smoking have been identified as a progression factor in various kidney diseases, but no exact statement has been shown in DN at present. So we aim to investigate the association between cigarette smoking and renal injury of biopsy-proven diabetic nephropathy (DN) in male adults from Southwest China to provide more evidence for management.


A total number of 171 male adult patients with DN proven by renal biopsy from multicenter in Southwest China were recruited in our study. The patients are divided into three groups according to smoking state: non-smoker, ex-smoker, and current smoker. Clinical data and pathological characteristics of all three groups were collected. Logistic regression analyses, with or without multivariable adjustments for other risk factors for DN, were used to evaluate the risk of pathology of DN based on the smoking status.


Cigarette smoking is associated with the pathology of DN. Both the unadjusted regression analyses and the multivariable adjusted regression analyses suggested cigarette smoking was a risk factor for severity of glomerular lesions (p=0.030 & 0.030 respectively) and interstitial inflammation infiltration (p= 0.009 & 0.009 respectively) when compared with non-smoking group, and arterial hyaline (p=0.014 and 0.015 respectively) when compared with ex-smoking group. Especially, both unadjusted (p=0.01, OR=14.73) and multivariable adjusted (p=0.01, OR=17.50) regression analyses strongly significantly suggested that smoking was risk for interstitial inflammation. When analysing the subgroups divided by eGFR and urine protein, the results were still significant.


Smoking may be an independent risk factor for glomerular lesions, interstitial inflammation infiltration of DN, while persistent smoking is a risk factor for arterial hyaline, which suggesting no smoking or cessation of smoking is recommended for patients with diabetic nephropathy.


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