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ASN In Memoriam Policy

ASN will acknowledge on its website on an "In Memoriam" page all ASN members who have died and include links for people to notify ASN of members' deaths. On this web page, ASN may also link from a name to an obituary, if a link to the obituary is provided.

ASN will also acknowledge deceased members at its annual business meeting.

ASN will acknowledge the following leaders with In Memoriam articles. These articles may appear on ASN's website, in ASN Kidney News, or in ASN journals. These articles will focus on the person's contributions to nephrology and/or ASN.

  1. Individuals who have made contribution to nephrology that is considered seminal
  2. Past presidents and secretary-treasurers (note: because of council progression, all former officers except the secretary-treasurer become president)
  3. Past editors-in-chief of ASN publications (these articles will appear in the journal for which the person served as editor)

On occasion ASN may receive requests to publish In Memoriam pieces for other ASN members who have died, or for non-members who have advanced the field of nephrology. These suggestions will be presented to a subcommittee within the ASN Communications Committee for review, and if the subcommittee members agree that the contributions made to nephrology and/or ASN were seminal, the subcommittee will ask others in the field to write a short piece about the person's contributions, and this will be published online or in ASN Kidney News.

Any questions regarding ASN's In Memoriam policy may be sent to communications@asn-online.org.