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Abstract: TH-PO296

Quality of Life Reported by Patients with Expanded Hemodialysis by the TheraNova Dialyzer in RTS Colombia

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Category: Dialysis

  • 701 Dialysis: Hemodialysis and Frequent Dialysis


  • Sanabria, Mauricio, RTS, Bogota, Colombia
  • Bunch, Alfonso, RTS, Bogota, Colombia
  • Sanchez, Ricardo, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia
  • Vesga, Jasmin, RTS, Bogota, Colombia
  • Rivera, Angela S., Baxter, Bogota, Colombia
  • Nilsson, Lars-Goran, Baxter International Inc., Lund, Sweden
  • Suarez, Adriana Marcela, RTS, Bogota, Colombia
  • Alarcon, Juan, RTS, Bogota, Colombia
  • Guerrero, Mauricio, RTS, Bogota, Colombia
  • Diaz, Jorge A., RTS, Bogota, Colombia
  • Varon, David, RTS, Bogota, Colombia
  • Gomez, Rafael Alberto, RTS, Bogota, Colombia
  • Ardila, Freddy, RTS, Bogota, Colombia
  • D'Achiardi, Roberto, RTS, Bogota, Colombia
  • Zuniga, Eduardo, RTS, Bogota, Colombia

Patients on hemodialysis have a lower quality of life compared to the general healthy population. Some factors such as restrictions on diet and physical activity, presence of symptoms and time consumed in treatment greatly affect the level of quality of life perceived by patients.

The purpose this study was to evaluate changes in quality of life and prevalence of restless legs in the first six months after initiating a change in dialysis therapy from high-flux HD to expanded hemodialysis(HDx) with Theranova dialyzer.


Cross-sectional study in prevalent hemodialysis patients older than 18 years, enrolled between September 1st and November 30th, 2017,when converted to HDx, in 12 renal clinics of the Renal Therapy Services (RTS) Colombia network. KDQOL ™ 36 and the diagnostic criteria of restless legs were administered 2 times , at baseline and 6 months later. For the analysis, descriptive statistics, ANOVA and Mc Nemar test were used.


666 patients were evaluated, 61.4% (n =409) were men, the mean age was 59.8 years (SD = 15.3), 60.3%(402) were more than 3 years old in dialysis.
We found significant improvements in a large part of the dimensions of quality of life in the time. Details are presented in table 1
In addition, we observed significant reduction of the diagnosis of restless legs. See table 2.


The expanded hemodialysis positively impacts on quality of life and diagnosis of restless legs
The results reported by the patients are a valuable intervention that can guide health interventions in search of better clinical results.

Table 1. KDQOL ™ Quality of Life 36
KDQOL™ 36Baseline
Mean (SD)
Six months
Mean (SD)
DifferenceP value*
Symptom/problem list77.75 (16.05)81.08 (15.07)3.300.0000
Effects of kidney disease68.90 (22.31)72.70 (21.89)3.840.0000
Burden of kidney disease46.48 (27.66)50.23 (29.74)3.720.0006
SF-12 Physical Health Composite40.98 (11.24)41.13 ( 11.39)0.140.6670
SF-12 Mental Health Composite51.05 (11.78)52.10 (11.15)1.010.0348
Table 2. Diagnostic criteria of restless legs    
Diagnostic Criteria
of Restless legs
N (%)
Six months
N (%)
P value**
Diagnostic Criteria
of Restless legs
155 (23.34)76 (11.46)11.880.0000

*Anova ** McNemar Test


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