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Abstract: PO0701

Mortality of AKI in Human Immunodeficiency Virus with and Without Co-Infection with COVID-19

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Category: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • 000 Coronavirus (COVID-19)


  • Ouyang, Jie, Kings County Hospital Center, Brooklyn, New York, United States
  • Bajracharya, Siddhartha D., Kings County Hospital Center, Brooklyn, New York, United States
  • Yap, Ernie, Kings County Hospital Center, Brooklyn, New York, United States
  • Mallappallil, Mary C., Kings County Hospital Center, Brooklyn, New York, United States

Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, concerns have been raised about specific populations being at potential higher risk for developing more severe diseases, and patients living with HIV (PLWH) are among them. SARS-CoV-2, a newly isolated virus from the Corona Virus family, is enveloped, positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus that causes multi-organ failure, especially acute kidney injury (AKI) which is proved to be associated with significantly elevated mortality rate. It dysregulates human immunity especially on T lymphocytes which is shared by HIV as the mechanism of causing related diseases.

We reviewed our hospital data to examine if HIV infection resulted in worse outcomes in COVID-19 patients who developed AKI.


Retrospective chart review of all admitted patients to Kings County Hospital (KCH), a municipal hospital in Brooklyn, New York City between 3/1 to 5/15, 2020, from the electronic medical record. Patients were reviewed in groups of COVID infection without history of HIV, HIV patients admitted without COVID infection and patients with history of HIV who were admitted because of COVID infection. The rate of AKI and mortality were extracted and analyzed suing Chi-squared test in SPSS.


A total of 1092 patients with confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis were admitted in the above time period, out of which 22 were diagnosed with COVID-19 and HIV. In the COIVD-19 without HIV diagnosis group, 450 patients developed AKI and 213 patients died, with a mortality rate of 47.3%; in the COVID-19 with HIV group, 9 patients developed AKI and 4 expired, mortality rate is 44.4%. There’s no significant difference between these two groups (p=0.86). Compared to these two groups, 21 out of 93 PLWH without COVID infection had AKI during hospitalization with 2 patients deceased, and a mortality rate of 9.5% which is significantly lower (p=0.03).


Data from our hospital bewtween 3/1 and 5/15/2020 shows the mortality rates of patients with HIV and COVID-19 co-infection with AKI and COVID patients without HIV who developed AKI are not statiscally different, but significantly higher than patients with HIV who developed AKI.

Patients admitted to KCH from 3/1 to 5/152020
 COVID-19 without HIVCOVID-19 with HIVHIV without COVID-19
Total N (& Mortality %)1070 (29.6%)22 (27.3%)93 (3.2%)
Patients developed AKI (& Mortality %)450 (47.3%)9 (44.4%)21 (9.5%)