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Abstract: FR-PO950

ZNF277-Induced Podocyte Injury by Regulating the Expression of ITGAV and ITGB5

Session Information

Category: Glomerular Diseases

  • 1204 Podocyte Biology


  • Lu, Yuqiu, Shanghai Tongji Hospital, Shanghai, China
  • Yu, Chen, Shanghai Tongji Hospital, Shanghai, China

ZNF277, a newly discovered zinc finger protein, is highly conserved in evolution. Previously, by single-cell RNA sequencing, we found that ZNF277 was specifically expressed in mouse glomerular podocyte. Then, by searching Nephroseq database, the expression level of ZNF277 in glomerular of FSGS patients was significantly down-regulated. Therefore, we speculated that ZNF277 might be involved in podocyte injury.


Firstly, we detected the mRNA level of ZNF277 in human podocyte lines (HPCs) by Q-PCR. Then, ZNF277 was specifically knocked down by siRNA in HPCs, and the changes of podocyte-specific genes were detected by Q-PCR. Finally, by bioinformatics analysis of podocyte-specific genes down-regulated when ZNF277 was knocked down, we speculated the possible mechanism of ZNF277 involved in podocyte injury.


In vitro, the expression level of ZNF277 in PAN-induced podocyte injury model was down-regulated (0.50 ±0.13). 92 podocyte-specific genes were detected in HPCs in which ZNF277 was knocked down by siRNA. Among them, 18 genes were down-regulated, including ITGB5, ITGAV, IFT80, MYOM2, HAUS8, RAB3B, CDKN1C, DTNB, CYB5R4, SDC4, ARPC1A, WT1, PODXL, ILDR2, SYNPO, ALCAM, SEPT10, TMOD3. Then, the 18 genes were analyzed by Bioinformatics analysis, including GO and KEGG analysis, The results suggested that they were mainly involved in biological processes such as cytoskeleton and cell adhesion,and ITGB5 and ITGAV were the main genes involved in the biological process.


the mechanism of ZNF277 participates in podocyte injury may be regulating the expression of ITGAV and ITGB5.


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